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Planning to travel to Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, we recommend you follow through some of the useful details to enjoy the best Safari Adventure Tours.



Beyond the gorillas that made Rwanda famous, wildlife junkies will be thrilled to know that they can track three more species of primate on their Rwandan holiday: Chimpanzees, Black-and-white colobus monkeys, and the endangered Golden monkey. Chimpanzee groups live high in the canopy of Nyungwe National Park, and catching your first glimpse of one crashing through the forest after hiking into their territory is nothing short of astonishing. The black-and-white colobus live in Nyungwe as well, and these resplendent, long-haired creatures are every wildlife photographer’s dream. Finally, like their neighbours the gorillas, the Golden monkey can be found in very few places outside of Volcanoes National Park, and their rich colors, energetic demeanour, and sizeable troupes of up to 30 individuals are truly a sight to behold. The gorillas may be what brought you to Rwanda, but it would be an absolute shame to leave without seeing any of the wonderful creatures they share a home with.

Travel Documents

As you are planning on transferring for a Safari Adventure in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo we recommend you to carry the essential travel documents to enjoy the best. These include; valid Visas, Passports, Yellow Fever Vaccination Cards, East African tourist Visas.

Safety Tips

Safety in the various countries is core making travelling in these safari destinations very safe due to the bodies like Police that make this a priority. Traffic Officers are situated along the main highways offering security to all citizens as well as travelers on vacation holiday. So, Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo are safe to travel to as long as you have the right travel documents as well as driving permit particularly on self drive.

Self Driving Option

Self Driving is a very ideal option for traveler that enjoy traveling solo or with family and friends. The process requires you booking a car with a known Tour Operator Agency/ Car Rental Provider, provide them with all the documents to clear your booking then later you are good to go to your preferred safari destination. If you want to enjoy your tour at your own convenience, self driving is the best option.

Useful Gorilla Trekking InformationFood and Restaurants

Every traveler transfers to visit the various safari destinations to enjoy remarkable Adventure Tours and a Food Tour is one of them. Taste the local dishes in each of these countries as you visit the numerous Restaurants around the busy Towns in the countries. This is affordable to all travelers so we advise not to miss out on tasting the different food in Uganda, Rwanda and the Dr Congo.

Language and Interaction

As you plan your safari Tour in Uganda, Rwanda and Dr Congo, communication is very important so by learning to know the official language and national language used in the different countries. English is the official language used with French being the National Language in Rwanda and the DR Congo. However, we advise travelers to use English for better and easy communication.


Every country has its own national currency although we advise travelers to use the United States Dollar for transactions in Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo.

Travel Insurance

While planning your Primate Safari our to Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo, we recommend you to carry appropriate Comprehensive Travel Insurance to cover you as you transfer visiting the various safari destinations in the countries. This helps you in times of emergency, accidents and inconveniences during your safari tour.

Disabled and mobility needs

Disabled and Less Mobile Passengers should inform Primate Uganda Safaris of their needs and requirements as part of booking their Tour in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. If you or any member of your travel group have any disabilities, we advise you to inform the Tour Operator Agency prior to the day of travel to your destination.

General Holiday advice

The General Holiday Advice about which safari destinations to visit, safari lodges to book, Safari Activities to do and Cultural Encounters to take is provided 24/7 after contacting Primate Uganda Safaris.

Essential Travel Tips on Gorilla Trekking in Africa and primate Safari experience

Please find further information below. Primate Safari Experience aims to put the traveler in the right place at the right time in order to maximize your wildlife viewing opportunities.

The information listed below illustrates the level of extinction these primates are facing and what we are trying to do to help them : primates starting with the mountain gorillas to the bonobos.

From each safari sold we donate a percentage to the conservation of primates in a destination of choice. If you are interested in finding out more about the projects that we have supported please visit the conservation page.

For safaris to see the primates in their natural surroundings please contact us for further information.